I Found a Cat

What to do if you find kittens:

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What to do if you find an adult cat:

Before you grab that cat

The cat may be someone’s pet

59% of people’s cats return home on their own

30% of people find their cat by searching their neighborhood

ONLY 2% of people found their lost cat at the shelter

The cat may be a community cat

  • Community cats are unowned cats who live outdoors
  • There are 30-40 million community cats in the US
  • Community cats thrive in their outdoor homes
  • Community cats should NOT be taken to shelters. 70% of cats in shelters are killed.
  • According to Alley Cat Allies, that rises to nearly 100% for community cats.

If you have found that:

  • The cat seems unwell
  • The cat is in distress
  • The kittens’ mom is not there
  • If it’s just one kitten all alone


These organizations may be able to help:

Spay Arkansas

Mew Cat Rescue

Wilson Zoo

Fabulous Felines

NWA Community Cat Project

Whiskers Rescue